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Display Ads

Deliver a targeted message to the right person, at the right time.

Promote brand awareness with banner ads that appear on websites and apps across mobile, desktop and tablet devices. We pair this with programmatic targeting that will help you reach the right demographic, geography, interests and behaviors of your best clients. Plus, bring clients back to your site with site retargeting. And, you can also access devices searching for your services and products through search retargeting.


Pay-Per-Click (PPC)/
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Be seen when the customer is buying.

Perfect when paired with branding programs to lead bottom-of-the-sales funnel conversions. Be front and center when customers are actively searching for your products and services. As a Google Premier Partner, we run campaigns that adhere to the ever-evolving Google Best Practices.



Target customers based on the locations they are or have been.

Serve ads to specific devices on where they live or where they have visited in real time with Microproximity or historically with DID.

Targeted Email

Email marketing based on behavior, interest and geography.

Our double opt-in email database of more than 140 million consumer and business emails that have asked to receive specific content that we can pair with your message.


Social Media Advertising

Meta, TikTok, LinkedIn

Social media supports brand awareness, retention and maximizes your reach across platforms that receive over 30 minutes of our attention a day!


Geofencing Residential Addresses

Send a digital postcard to your clients' residential addresses.

Serve display ads to a curated physical address list that takes your marketing and tracking to a targeted granular level.


Targeted Digital Video

Streaming, YouTube, Video Displays

Tell your story in a more meaningful way through 6-30 second video clips that run prior to TV or targeted video inventory. More targeted and less expensive than traditional TV commercials.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Show up in relevant searches organically.

SEO supports your website to show up in searches that are most relevant to your business. We implement long-term strategies that focus on all ranking factors with local and organic SEO algorithms. Get a FREE SEO audit to see how you rank now.


Custom Websites, Landing Pages & Hosting

Design original or re-design current websites.

Build your story with easy navigation, fast loading and SEO aligned website that we maintain and that you can update as your story evolves.


Website Support

GA4, ADA Compliance, Cookie Policies, Chat Widgets & More

Web accessibility, website tracking, communication tools and cookie collection is more and more important as we ensure a seamless customer journey and stay up-to-date with government privacy and ADA policies.

Streaming Audio

Targeted radio commercials partnered with digital banners primarily on Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio and more.

Think radio commercials, but the ability to target geographical, behaviors and demographics PLUS a clickable banner ad to take listeners to your website.


Digital Billboards/Out-of-Home

A premium branding opportunity to target high trafficked areas like airports, gas stations, and highways with your message.

Billboard ads, video and static ads are available ad units on digital billboards and screens in your targeted geographical locations served with premium reporting and statistics on traffic.

Frequently Asked Questions

MYTH: "Digital Marketing can be really expensive and very intimidating."
Triangle Digital Partners debunks this and other myths:

Check out our timeline! It all starts with an in-depth discovery about your needs. You know your business better than anyone! We start there and develop your business growth goals and start pairing the right technology to your needs.

Digital marketing is hard, but wasting your money on digital marketing is easy.

Design a digital marketing strategy that works and partner with a company that takes the time to understand your business, your growth plans and your ideal customer. Schedule a discovery meeting with us!

Our Process & Timeline

Here's how we work with you to optimize your digital marketing budget.

Step 1. Discovery meeting

An intensive, proven process of discovery to learn your largest need(s), success metrics, budget, state of your current digital presence and anticipated ROI.

Step 2. Pair technology with need

Together we determine the best method of ROI for your company. We implement technology best practices while educating you on your options to ensure great results.

Step 3. Deliver a custom & strategic digital marketing plan

Our plans are mapped specifically for you based on the discovery meeting with a focus on outcomes and your budget.

Step 4. Data & Analytics

We connect our products with your website, analytics and social platforms. Reporting is delivered every month with an easy-to-understand summary and action items. In fact, we GUARANTEE 30% above national average click-thru rates on your display campaigns.

Want to know more?

Effective digital marketing is changing constantly. You need a partner to support your business goals. Discover how to drive a larger presence online, drive leads and increase your business!

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